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The Truth About Antibiotic
Acne Treatments

Antibiotic acne treatments such as Tetracycline, Clindamycin And Minocycline are one of the worst most costly acne treatments methods you can choose if wish to get rid of their acne. Many dermatologists will not hesitate to prescribe acne treatments antibiotic to their patients who are anxious to clear their acne and gain their lives back. What most acne sufferers don't know is that not only antibiotic acne treatments don't work in the long term, the cost of antibiotic use in the treatment of acne is quite heavy and may lead to severe damage to your internal organs, thus worsening your acne condition and your overall health in the long run.

The truth is, acne treatments antibiotics may help in the initial phase of their intake but eventually acne antibiotic treatments will stop working and even make your acne much worse. Here's why: the acne treatment antibiotics that was taken orally has killed the acne bacteria that is a small part of the acne formation process. By killing the acne bacteria, you are not stopping the external acne formation process. My report about the acne bacteria myth explains it all. The problem is that acne bacteria cannot be permanently stopped. It's a living organism that is even beneficial to your skin and eventually it will grow again and again. But there's more: by killing acne bacteria using acne treatment antibiotics, you are making it mutate into a stronger acne bacteria. They become stronger and smarter and can now resist any acne antibiotic you may take in the future. This is why antibiotic acne treatments stop working after a while.

There is another even more serious problem with taking antibiotic acne treatments: it will eventually make your acne and your overall health worse. Here's why: acne antibiotic work in your system like an atom bomb: instead of just killing the acne bacteria that is involved in the acne formation process (and as you already know will work short term), acne treatments antibiotics kill and destroy ALL the bacteria in your system including the ?€?friendly bacteria” (acidophilus, bifidobacteria) your body needs to help digest food, assimilate nutrients and defend itself against bad bacteria, parasites and fungi organisms that take over and weaken your liver. Since your digestive tract along with your liver are the most important body parts responsible for healthy skin, by compromising your G.I tract and stressing your liver your are in fact significantly aggravating your existing acne condition.

To conclude, you need healthy digestive tract and effective liver function to keep acne under control and acne treatments antibiotics compromise your G.I tract and weaken your liver and thus making your acne worse in the losing run. Antibiotic acne treatments also work short term so they are far from being a solution to acne. You can cure your acne without antibiotic acne treatments or conventional medicine in a balanced healthy and safe way using the alternative holistic approach.

Acne Treatments Antibiotic

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Acne Treatments Antibiotic

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