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The occurrence of adult acne among many individuals who haven't necessarily suffered from acne in their teenage years marks an important question regarding the true cause and nature of acne, that is commonly and mistakenly believed to be a hormonal growth related condition that passes as puberty comes to an end.

Adult acne can be and even more frustrating condition for people who enjoyed flawless skin for years and now have to deal with the annoying, painful and emotionally disturbing symptoms of adult acne without the psychological justification that teenage acne  provides.

If you suffer from adult acne, the first thing you must realize is that any acne and not just adult acne does not happen without a reason. Adult acne has deep internal cause for its occurrence and it will not disappear overnight or by itself unless you do fix the internal problem that's causing it.

In this report you'll discover the truth about adult acne, the difference between adult acne and teenage acne and how you can finally eliminate this awful condition for good.

Adult acne and teen acne: What is the difference?

Although studies have found a difference between skin types of adult acne sufferers and teenage acne sufferers (adult acne sufferers tend to have less oily t-zone skin), the internal cause of adult acne and teenage acne is basically the same.

Well, if the cause is the same then why do I have adult acne when I didn't have any acne as a teen? You may ask.

That's a good question and to get a good answer to the above question you must first understand what the true cause of acne is.

Adult acne and practically all types of acne in all levels of severity are caused mainly by hormonal imbalance and toxic build up in the blood, and in the main organs of elimination such as the liver, lymph, bowels and kidneys.

Regardless of how severe you toxic build up is, the hormonal imbalance factor itself in most cases of acne is triggered by 2 main causes: 1) When your body produces too much hormones, usually male hormones that cause your system to become overwhelmed making your sebum glands to produce extra oil thus aggravating your acne. This usually happens on our teenage years and is often not the case with adult acne. Hormonal imbalance related to adult acne is caused mainly by the second hormonal imbalance factor: 2) when your natural hormonal regulation system or more specifically, your liver, lymph and bowels that are responsible for expelling used hormones from your body are not working properly.

While most cases of acne are triggered by the two main hormonal imbalance factors and because of toxic build up, adult acne is triggered by toxic build up and by the second hormonal imbalance factor, which is the inability of the organs of elimination to effectively expel used hormones out of your body.

But why now, you may ask? If you didn't have acne as a teenager then it obviously means that your organs of elimination as a teenager were effective at removing used hormones from your body. This only indicates that something went wrong along the way as far as your hormonal regulation system is concerned.

Having adult acne, especially if you didn't have acne as a teenager, simply means that: A. You have accumulated toxins in the blood and lymph. B. Your natural hormonal regulation system is damaged and thus not working effectively.

Whether you have been taking steroids that have weakened your liver, or antibiotics for a long period, or have gone through an extremely stressful period in your life, or any other reason is irrelevant. The end result is that you now suffer from chronic hormonal imbalance that along with toxic build up lead to your existing adult acne.

Adult acne: How to permanently cure it

Adult acne, like the majority of acne types and severities, is caused by several deep internal factors along with some external/lifestyle triggers, which are not less important. This is why the only way to get rid of adult acne permanently is to neutralize both internal and external acne contributing factors using the holistic approach, while focusing on fixing your natural hormonal regulation system which is the main cause of adult acne.

In this way, you ensure an acne free internal environment that results in a lasting adult acne freedom.

Adult Acne

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