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Alternative treatments for acne provide a safer, natural and much more effective long term approach to prescription medications and over the counter creams, gels and lotions in the treatment of acne. While, acne alternative treatments for acne are mostly cheap, safe and can be easily obtained, it is important to note that not all alternative treatments for acne were born equal. If you suffer from acne and are fed up with the side effects of prescription medications and the thought of trying and alternative approach seems like a good option to invest your time and dedication, there are several factors you should consider prior to applying an alternative treatment for acne.

First of all, keep in mind that acne is not an external problem but rather an external manifestation of an internal problem. Bear in mind that acne is first and foremost a symptom of an internal complex condition and unless you tackle and fix that internal condition that's causing your acne you will never get rid of your acne, no matter how dedicated you'll become as far as applying those acne alternative treatments.

This is why most alternative treatments for acne, even if they are completely natural (this includes all natural soaps, tinctures, gels lotions and essential oils (tea tree oil or lavender oil) may benefit your acne condition temporarily and may reduce the painful and annoying symptoms such as the inflammation, puss and redness to a certain degree, but since you haven't targeted the root cause of your acne, By using alternative treatments that target the external symptoms of acne, your battle against acne is doomed.

There are alternative herbal remedies for acne that are aimed at balancing hormonal levels such as black cohosh, dong quai, red clover, wild yam, evening primrose and chaste berry. But regardless of what many herbalists believe, balancing androgen production requires more than herbal intake and moreover hormonal imbalance that may trigger extra sebum production (that triggers acne formation)) is only part of the acne puzzle and thus tackling only part of the acne equation will not be enough to overcome acne permanently.

Alternative treatments for acne also include herbs that are aimed at reducing inflammation and infection, that fight bacteria and have strong antifungal properties. While Echinacea, dandelion root, burdock and tea tree can improve the skin's ability to heal itself and may reduce acne symptoms because of their anti-bacterial properties; these acne alternative herbal treatments are still far from being a solution.

During my 7-year quest for an alternative acne treatment I have also tried homeopathy, Chinese medicine, acupuncture and Ayurveda. While these treatments have in fact, reduced and alleviated my acne symptoms, the results were always temporary and my acne has resurfaced after a while.

Since mental stress and lack of sleep may aggravate an existing acne condition, various acne alternative treatments that deal specifically in controlling stress and optimizing sleep have contributed significantly to reduce acne symptoms by helping to normalize hormonal production, enhance the immune capabilities and reduce inflammation. However, lifestyle factors such as sleep and stressful situations are only part of the factors that trigger acne formation.

The most effective acne alternative treatment I have found proven to work is the holistic approach. A powerful combination of both internal and external protocols each aimed at fixing a different factor leading to acne formation. The holistic approach has been experimented and tested to become the most rewarding alternative treatment for acne.

Alternative Treatments Acne

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Alternative Treatments Acne

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