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Looking For At Home Acne Treatments? Olive Leaf Extract Is The Answer

Olive Leaf Extract: The Cheapest Most Powerful at home acne treatments

Olive leaf extract is by far one of the most potent yet cheap at home acne treatments available today. In this report I will explain exactly why olive leaf extract can be so effective for the treatment of acne, what are the limitations of olive leaf extract being an herbal acne remedy and how to use it as at home acne treatment for maximum results.

At Home Acne Treatments: What is Olive Leaf extract?

Olive Leaf Extract is a very powerful natural herbal extract with an extraordinary antibacterial, antiviral and anti fungal properties. Olive Leaf Extract is made from parts of the olive tree (Olea europaea) and is extremely safe to use and has also been proven to re-build and strengthen your immune system. Olive Leaf Extract has also been clinically tested and was found to have immense therapeutic qualities against most chronic conditions including acne. Patinets treated with Olive Leaf Extract have also reported an elevation in mood, improved health and well-being.

How Does Olive Leaf Extract Work for at home acne treatment?

Olive Leaf Extract is a powerful at home acne treatment that kills viruses in your cells by interfering with their amino acid production. In this way, olive leaf extract prevents the assembly or shedding of viruses within the cells. Olive Leaf Extract can even penetrate an infected cell and inhibit the multiplication of viruses.

Molds and yeasts like candida which exist in the system of almost every acne sufferer, have the ability to stress and weaken your organs of elimination, mainly your liver and deprive your body from the nutrients you provide it using the food that you eat. These microorganisms produce very harmful toxins called mycotoxins that interfere with your liver?€™s natural process of regulating hormones and expelling toxic waste out of your body. Because hormonal imbalance and toxic build up in the blood and lymph are the main causes for acne formation, when the processes of hormonal regulation and toxic evacuation are interrupted by these mycotoxins, the process of acne formation is indirectly aggravated. It is also obvious that without the proper management and eradication of these harmful molds and yeasts, you will never be able to get rid of your acne regardless of how many at home acne treatments you?€™re going to apply.

Because Olive Leaf Extract has such proven powerful anti-vital and anti-fungal properties, it is highly effective at killing microorganisms like candida and prevents their production of mycotoxins that are so harmful to your hormonal regulation and toxic elimination system.

As for acne bacteria, Olive Leaf Extract with its unique properties of dissolving the outer lining of microbes can actually kill the acne bacteria, the exact bacteria responsible for the aggravation of the external symptoms of acne. Additionally, since Olive Leaf Extract contains natural flavinoids it is extremely difficult for infectious microorganisms, such as Candida to develop resistance to it.

Having an extra value of working extremely well with other herbal acne treatments, along with the ability to stop molds and yeasts and kill the acne aggravating bacteria, is what makes Olive Leaf Extract to be the most powerful and effective at home cane treatments you can get.

Die Off Symptoms of Olive Leaf Extract for at home acne treatments

By taking Olive leaf extract, you should be aware that like most herbal treatments, and depending on individual factors, it could cause a healing crisis or die off symptoms. Because of its extreme potency, Olive Leaf Extract is known to cause significant reactions almost immediately. These include: fatigue, headaches, muscle aches, flu-like symptoms and diarrhea.

Although these symptoms are a positive sign of healing, they are also one of the reasons why Olive Leaf Extract should be taken in cycles in an on and off manner combined with other acne protocols.

Olive Leaf Extract for at home acne treatment: Conclusion

Olive leaf extract is probably the best at home acne treatment you can find. It is highly effective and relatively inexpensive. By using Olive Leaf Extract properly, it will have a dramatic effect on your acne, by helping your liver release loads of toxins, enhance the powers of other herbal remedies to regulate hormones and expel toxins from your blood and lymph, it will kill most molds and yeast that weaken and stress your elimination system and will also help eradicate the acne bacteria.

However, being a herbal acne treatment, Olive Leaf Extract will work short term and this is why it must be cycled. Additionally, as already mentioned in my other report, no herbal remedy alone and no at home acne treatment alone can cure acne. Since acne is a complex condition triggered by many factors, to permanently eliminate acne you must first tackle all symptoms responsible for acne formation and you also need to build a strong elimination system that will work to regulate hormones and expel toxins in the long run. This is why no at home acne treatment alone can cure acne. To maximize your results with Olive Leaf Extract you must use it in cycles and in combination with a more complete acne program.

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