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Back Pimples: The Only Way To
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Apart from the face or neck, acne pimples, contrary to popular belief, can also occur at other parts of the body. But when it affects the back, it becomes difficult to manage. First of all, back pimples are hard to reach, since everyone is not a gymnast who can twist and turn hands to reach any part of the human anatomy. This causes some amount of trouble in using topical lotions or creams to the affected area while the garment used by the person immediately soaks up the medication as soon as one wears them. Back pimples, also commonly called Bacne, however have one stellar point - they remain hidden under the garments all the while till one turns in or goes for a swim.

Why do Back Acne form:

Like acne occurring in other parts of the body, back acne is also caused by clogged pores. This again is caused due to excessive secretion of sebum, an oily substance produced by the sebaceous glands inside the body hair follicles on the back of a person. When the follicles become congested with excess oil and dead cells that can not come out, blackheads, whiteheads and pimples grow on the skin. However, the only difference between acne and bacne is that the latter develops on back where the skin is tougher than that of the face and so requires more intense therapy as compared to facial acne which needs gentler medication. Also, the back pimples, cysts and pustules can be larger in dimension and can become more throbbing than facial acne. However, the fact remains that in all cases, hormonal imbalance is the root cause of the problem.

Get rid of Back Acne:

As for treatment of bacne, OTC medications in the form of creams, lotions and other topical applications provide relief against the symptoms while tea tree oil, Chinese herbal formulations and other cleansing herbs like milk thistle offer temporary solutions to the distressing disease condition. In severe cases, dermatologists prescribe antibiotics which can reduce the severity to some extent but can never cure the malaise. But you should be wary of conventional treatments and over the counter drugs because they often lead to harmful side effects that cause more problems than the acne itself.

Nevertheless, the picture, though fairly tainted, is after all not so discouraging since ideal bacne therapy can come in the form of holistic method of treatment in which stress is given more on curing the disease than in addressing the symptoms. Irrespective of whether it is acne or bacne, both are caused on account of three primary reasons - hormonal imbalance in the system, toxic buildup in the blood and the lymph glands and over-sensitivity of the sebum glands. Holistic treatment procedure aims at reactivating the various bodily organs that are capable of eliminating toxic matters from the blood and lymphatic glands. And once these vital organs that include the liver, kidneys, colon and skin start purging the biological debris (which also includes spent hormones), the system's internal hormonal balance is automatically restored. With the hormonal balance regained, the sebum production is controlled which in turn inhibit growth of bacne or back pimples, eventually curing the disease forever.

Back Pimples

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Back Pimples

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