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Best Acne Scarring Treatments - EXPOSED

What are the best acne scarring treatments? There are several types of acne scar treatments each with its unique function and each aimed at treating different types of acne scars. If you have multiple acne scars and still experience acne breakouts, the best approach is first to stop acne formation while accelerating the healing of existing lesions and wounds and thus reduce additional acne scarring.

Several of the best acne scarring treatments available on the market are as follows: an antioxidant face gel that is rich in herbal extracts and helps lift, repair and tone the skin. For blemished acne scarred skin you can use the Manuka face cream, which is a light moisturizer with antiseptic manuka honey, balancing cedarwood and soothing lavender. There is the neem oil, which kills bacteria and contains high fatty acids that are excellent at reducing acne scars. There is also the famous Rosa mosqueta oil, a natural therapeutic oil, rich in essential fatty acids that I have chosen as one of the best acne scar treatments. Rosa Mosqueta has the potency to reduce scar tissue even after the spots have long gone. This oil also maintains the freshness and texture of the skin and makes it even toned and smooth.

Because most acne scars fade away in time (like Post inflammatory pigmentations), the above acne scarring treatments can certainly help. That said, some acne scars are more resistant and the only way to treat them is by using cosmetic professional acne scar treatment or surgical intervention.

Collagen injection is an effective acne scaring treatment where skin collagen is injected under the skin and is suitable for soft scars, which are either shallow or deep.

Microdermabrasion is another good acne scarring treatment that works for mild scarring by scraping the external top layer of the skin, thus stimulating and enhancing new cell growth.

Laser resurfacing is a very effective acne scarring treatment where laser is used to flatten and resurface the skin layer. The problem with Laser resurfacing is that it can cause increased redness, infection and even aggravated scars.

MSM and Alpha lipoic acid have been used for reducing red marks with great success. Ice pick scars are treated by dermabrasion or laser resurfacing while flat or thin scars usually require Collagen injections. Keloids acne scars are usually treated with steroid injections, pulsed laser treatment combined with carbon dioxide laser vaporization.

Another effective approach to treat acne scarring is by changing one?s diet to help accelerate wound healing, to speed up the renewal of damaged skin tissue and thus allowing scars to heal faster. It seems that high fat diet, as recent experiments on rats show, can cause higher rates of inflammation, slowed cell repair and impaired blood synthesis as compared to the control rats. Therefore, substituting high-fat foods with reduced fat alternatives can have a significant positive impact on the process of wound and scar healing. The quality of the food that you eat also has its effect on the wound repairing process of the skin. It seems that daily intake of Vitamin A,E and zinc can also have dramatic effect on cell repair.

However, the best and probably the cheapest way to avoid all the costs and side effects of acne scarring treatments is to stop the internal cause of acne first. The holistic way has been proven to fix the internal cause of acne by neutralizing the internal acne environment that leads to acne formation. By preventing future breakouts, you are also preventing any additional scarring. This will enable you to focus on reducing the existing acne scars you might have using the best acne scarring treatments discussed in this article.

Best Acne Scaring Treatments

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Best Acne Scaring Treatments

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