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The TRUE Cause Of Acne

Curing Acne Starts From knowing The Real Cause Of Acne: Understanding The Internal Problem That's Causing Your Acne And Fixing It

Knowing the cause of acne should be your first priority. Why? Because similar to other problems in life, the only way you will ever cure your acne permanently is by knowing the WHY behind your acne, the real factors that trigger your condition. Without knowing the reasons why you have acne in the first place, without understanding the true internal cause of your acne, you will never get rid of your acne. This is the kind of truth; no dermatologist or any special doctor will ever tell you. Knowing the real cause of acne will make you finally understand why no creams, lotions, ointments or drugs you may have taken so far have succeeded in curing your acne and you will have exactly what you need in order to achieve the lasting clear skin you deserve.

What's Is Not The Cause Of Acne

No matter what your dermatologist or other western medicine expert tells you, clogged pores do not cause acne. Acne is definitely, not caused by the acne bacteria either. Acne is not triggered by Vitamin B5 deficiency or caused by eating the wrong foods. If any of the above were true, almost all of us would have acne in some level or another. But that is hardly the case. Acne starts from within and can only be cured from the inside. With every disease there is in fact a significant difference between the symptoms of a disease and the root cause of the disease. Knowing the difference is what separates between a treatment that only masks the symptoms, covers up the manifestation of a disease, and a treatment that addresses the real factors that contribute to the formation of a disease like acne and tackles them directly.

Acne Is Caused By Three Main Factors

After 7 years of dedicated research here's what I have found to be the root cause of your acne, or to be more specific, the three main factors responsible for acne formation. Well, basically, acne is caused by hormonal imbalance, toxic build up and a certain genetic sensitivity of the sebum glands to hormonal imbalance.

Let's start with the first factor: hormonal imbalance. Your body uses hormones to communicate between organs. The androgenic hormones like testosterone communicate with your sebum oil glands and are responsible for the amount of sebum these oil glands will eventually secret. In normal cases, where there is hormonal balance, the oil glands produce ??just the right amount? of oil needed for skin moisture, elasticity etc. However, when your hormones are out of balance, the communication between your hormones and the oil glands becomes miscommunication, meaning your sebum glands start producing excessive amounts of unnecessary oil.

Now, you may ask why some teenagers have acne and others don't when it's obvious that ALL teenagers have hormonal imbalance? Well, part of the answer lies in the second factor: toxic build up.

Toxic build up is formed when we eat, drink, breath and come in contact with excessive amounts of toxins, that our elimination organs (liver, kidney, colon, lungs, skin) fail to remove and properly expel from our body. These toxins are then stored in out tissues, blood and lymph.

Now, only when certain congested toxins in your blood and lymph are combined with excess of sebum from your oil glands, that is when the bacteria starts to flourish and acne is formed with all its nasty infamous symptoms of redness and puss and inflammation. That is why killing the acne bacteria, only wins the short run. The acne bacteria will always return and flourish as long as the combination of blood toxins and excess sebum oil exits.

But then again, there are plenty of people who suffer from hormonal imbalance (due to countless of reasons such as stress, puberty etc.), have obvious amounts of stored toxins in their bodies (due to poor diets and lifestyles etc.) , but STILL do not suffer from acne. How is that possible?

This is where the third factor plays a rule: Genetic sensitivity of the sebum glands to hormonal imbalance. Only when one has this genetic sensitivity to hormonal imbalance, only then his or her oil glands will start producing excessive amounts of sebum. People, who don't have acne, don't have that genetic sensitivity, and that is why the combination of toxins and excess sebum never occurs on their skin, thus acne is not formed.

Weak Liver is Not The Cause Of Acne (The True Difference Between Acne Sufferers and People With Flawless Skin)

Yes although your liver is a very important organ that among its many other functions, is also responsible for clearing and ??de-activating? used hormones and toxins and expelling them from your body, and therefore balances your hormones and your system, it is not however the cause of your acne.

Of course, if the liver is stressed and your digestive system is sluggish, it can contribute to hormonal imbalance and to the build up of toxins in your blood and lymph, but this condition will not cause acne among people who don't have that genetic sensitivity to hormonal imbalance and therefore even if they had weak livers they wouldn't have had acne.

The main difference between someone who has acne and someone who doesn't is not that the person with the flawless skin has a stronger liver. It is simply because the flawless skin person lacks that genetic tendency that you and I and all acne sufferers have.

Conclusion: The root cause of ALL types of acne, teenage acne, adult acne, Monthly cycle female acne are basically the same: hormonal imbalance, toxic build up in the blood and lymph and a certain genetic sensitivity to hormonal imbalance that affects your sebum glands.

How To Fix The Root Cause Of Acne

Because we cannot control this genetic tendency, it is only obvious that the answer to that question must be to neutralize hormonal imbalance and to clear our system from toxic build up. But building a stronger liver that is able to effectively expel and clear used hormones from your system is only a small part of the plan. Because hormonal imbalance and toxic build up are caused and triggered by many internal and external factors, an honest treatment that will cure your acne permanently, must tackle ALL the factors responsible for hormonal imbalance and congested toxins in your blood and fix them.

Cause Of Acne

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Cause Of Acne

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