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Diet and Acne Connection - The Truth About Acne Diets

Diet and Acne Are Strongly Linked Yet No Special Diet Can Cure Acne. Life Long Acne Researcher Reveals Why.

The diet and acne link is no longer in question. While most medical doctors consistently claim there is no connection between diet and acne (a perception based on flawed researches published in 1969 and 1971), recent studies have found a strong connection between diet and acne. It seems that incorporating certain foods into ones diet can have a tremendously negative impact on the natural hormonal regulation and toxic elimination processes, resulting in the aggravation of our existing acne. On the other hand, optimizing our diet according to certain nutritional principals, can and has resulted in dramatic reduction of inflammation and the prevention of acne. When one thinks about it, it's only logical for our dietary choices to have a cumulative effect on our body and mind. Diet shapes us from the inside and the outside. It directs and builds us, biologically and spiritually. Claiming that diet has no impact on chronic conditions such as acne is simply preposterous.

As proof of the immense connection between diet and acne, a research conducted by Dr. Cordain on the Kitavan islanders has clearly shown the link as no native had no dermatologist to consult with, drugs or over the counters to apply yet none of them suffered from acne. It seemed that acne did not exist where people were costumed to traditional ways of eating.

While a strong connection was found between certain foods and acne (refined carbohydrates, dairy products, hydrogenated oils and yeasty foods to name a few), taking away these elements from one's diet may yield significant improvement, in the vast majority of cases; acne diets alone will not cure acne.

Why? Simply because diet is only one factor, among several other factors, that trigger acne formation. Acne formation is a complex process and the only way one can ever overcome his or her acne challenge is by tackling the internal environment that encourages acne formation. While diet is the first step one should take when drawing the path to acne freedom, to completely neutralize the acne environment, the deep internal problem should be fixed and the only way to achieve that is to tackle the problem holistically, starting with a complete diet make over.

Conclusion: diet and acne are strongly connected yet there are no special acne diets that can cure acne. If eating the wrong foods was the direct cause of acne, most people would suffer from acne and that is hardly the case. The only way to cure acne permanently is to address and fix the internal environment that causes acne while adhering to specific diet and acne related principals.

Diet And Acne

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Diet And Acne

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