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Your quest for effective acne treatments might turn into a futile one, if you're focusing on tackling the wrong factors that lead to acne formation. There are hundreds of prescription acne medications, herbal home remedy treatments, over the counters, cosmetic and surgical procedures, supplements and special diets and most are marketed as the best most effective acne treatments. So how can you separate the wheat from the chaff? How can the average person wisely select the most effective treatment for acne among in a saturated over competitive market, mostly based on foundations of dishonesty and greed?

Arming yourself with the necessary knowledge about the real cause of acne should be your first step in finding the most effective acne treatment that fits your needs. The cause of acne is not external. Acne is caused by a deep internal problem that should be effectively treated and fixed. By handling the external manifestation of acne (pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, cysts, and oily skin), you are only putting band-aids on the problem and your acne will never be cured.

Many dermatologists and talented marketers endorse either pharmaceutical or over the counter acne products and though most carry the sign of the most effective treatment for acne, the truth is of course very different than that. Topical antibiotics kill all the bacteria in your body including the probiotic bacteria and in the long run make the p.acne bacteria more resistant, thus worsening your acne condition and your health. Chemical peels are in fact effective in treating acne and acne scars, but these work only temporary and only tackle the external symptoms of acne. Benzoil peroxide can irritate and dry your skin and since it simply kills the acne bacteria, it definitely does not tackle the internal cause of acne.

Aromatherapy is an ancient treatment for acne. Tea tree oil for example has ant fungal, antiseptic and antiviral properties that help prevent acne outbreaks and has been used effectively in aromatherapy to treat acne. Tea tree oil can be also effective at treating blemishes externally as a herbal remedy. Aloe Vera gel (99% aloe vera) can be also effective treatment for acne but only on the external level. Chamomile also has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties and if applied externally can reduce many of the symptoms of acne.

The same principal applies for all creams, gels and cleansers out there such as Murad (a very famous and supposedly an effective acne treatment that contains a Clarifying cleanser that fights bacteria, an exfoliating acne treatment to cleanse and exfoliates the pores of your skin, and Hydrogen Peroxide that is supposed to purify your skin without drying it) or Proactiv (an over the counter containing a renewing cleanser, revitalizing toner, and repairing lotion). All of these famous treatments target the external symptoms of acne instead of tackling the root cause. Cleansing, exfoliating and killing acne bacteria is not an effective treatment for acne.

Natural supplementation and vitamins can be effective but only as part of a more complete plan to tackle acne. The B5 acne treatment does not work and the theory that claims acne is caused by a deficiency in vitamin b5 (pantothenic acid) is false. Moreover, taking large doses of Vitamin B5 can be very dangerous and yield serious side effects.

The famous drug Accutane can be very effective at treating severe acne (in most case s in a very temporary manner) but the side effects of Accutane can be very serious.

If you're searching for effective acne treatments you can always try the safer natural alternative and the holistic approach. The most effective acne treatments are first and foremost the ones that work by fixing the internal cause of acne. The only way you can achieve lasting freedom from acne is by applying several all-natural protocols both internally and externally that permanently neutralize the environment that trigger acne formation. This is the most effective choice for treating your acne.

Effective Acne Treatments

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Effective Acne Treatments

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