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New Acne Treatments - Are There Any New Acne Treatments That Work?

If you're searching for promising new acne treatments among the wide range of acne treatments available on the market, selecting the right treatment that suits your specific acne condition and one that lasts should be your primary concern. The right treatment, not just every product that pretends to be an innovative breakthrough new acne treatment, should have the potential to target and cure the root cause of your acne and not just treat the symptoms. Through my own research and 12 years of experience, trial and error I have found that many promising new acne treatments such as the diode laser therapy fail to handle the internal problem that triggers acne in the first place, thus the results are temporary.

While new creams and antibiotic acne treatments variations come out all the time and are available either by prescription or over the counter, most of these new acne treatments encompass no breakthrough revelation. A good example is a combination therapy of Retinoids and oral antibiotics or a combination of Benzoyl peroxide and topical antibiotics. All of these are aimed at killing the P. acnes bacteria and reduce inflammation. These new acne treatments are aimed at controlling the external symptoms of acne and thus will not be able to permanently cure and prevent chronic acne breakouts and eventually fail to keep acne under control for the long term.

Since the cause of acne is internal and mostly involves congested blood and lymph toxins combined with hormonal irregularities, new acne treatments aimed at fighting bacterial infection, reducing inflammation and puss and speeding up the growth of new skin cells will in most cases fail to fix the internal cause of acne.

New acne treatments such as the Laser and light therapy (Blue light therapy, Pulse light energy therapy and Diode laser treatment) work by damaging oil production and destroying the P.acne bacteria. By damaging the sebum glands and/or killing the acne bacteria one can never overcome his or her acne challenge. Acne bacteria do not cause acne and killing it will only prevent acne in a temporary manner. The same goes with tackling the sebum glands. There's a deeper reason why our oil glands produce more sebum that contributes to acne. This is mainly caused by hormonal irregularities. By destroying the sebum glands, you fail to address the root cause of this over-production of oil while damaging your skin texture and moisture in the process.

The same principal applies to additional new acne treatments such as Chemical peels and microdermabrasion. These acne treatments may remove whiteheads and blackheads, promote new skin growth and significantly improve skin texture and tone but will it cure acne? Of course not! By dealing with the external manifestation of acne while ignoring the root cause, you skin condition may improve overall but your will continue to develop acne lesions. Combination acne therapies such as

The holistic approach that fixes the root cause of acne is not a new acne treatment, (The holistic ways have been working for years) but it is proven to work. The holistic all natural acne treatment works with several protocols combined: dietary regime, specific anti-acne supplementation, internal and external cleansing, liver building and lifestyle optimization. If you're looking for new acne treatments that show results, why not choose the holistic alternative to harmful drugs and their side effects?

New Acne Treatments

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New Acne Treatments

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