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Teenage Acne Mystery REVEALED

Discover Why Do You Have Teenage Acne and How to Overcome Puberty Acne for Good

Teenage acne is an overwhelmingly painful and paralyzing experience. Acne at puberty can have a huge negative impact on a child's emotional, intellectual and social development.

Teenage acne can leave not only visible facial or body scars, but deep psychological scars that affect the teenager's entire persona and self esteem, and often have destructive implications on the future life of the teenager as an adult, long after the blemishes have healed.

I am a former teenage acne sufferer. I had acne for more than 13 years and it had a devastating effect on my emotional and intellectual growth and in more aspects that I can layout here. I have spent most of my teenage life in solitude, shame and guilt. In fact, my severe acne deprived any normal teenage experience I could have had. Only after more than 7 years of research and personal experimentation, I overcame this stubborn and destructive disease. I have cured my acne and steeped into a new world of freedom. A world where ?€˜social life' is not considered a strange word. And I have stayed acne free and enjoyed flawless clear skin ever since.

In this report I will reveal why do some teenage have acne, how parents should perceive their teenager's acne and learn to help them and how anyone that suffers from teenage acne can finally eliminate this affliction for good.

Teenage Acne: Common Theories and Symptoms

Teenage acne can have many forms starting from whiteheads and blackheads to large pimples and severe boil like lesions called nodules and painful cysts. Teenage acne can be mild, moderate or severe. If you have moderate teenage acne you'll probably have more blemishes and cysts mainly on your face and some of your chest and back. Severe teenage acne is characterized by the development of many large and sore cysts that spread over parts of the face, neck, back, and chest and can often lead to visible scarring.

Studies have shown that statistically males are more prone to severe forms of teenage acne than females and usually suffer from teenage acne that develops on the chest and back.

There are plenty of common theories about teenage acne and what causes it. Some claim that blocked pores or clogged hair follicles are the reason. There are theories that speak of genetics as the culprit for teenage acne. Some claim that it's the acne bacteria that multiplies around clogged areas that is to blame for teenage acne that is formed as a reaction of your immune system to fight the bacteria. There are theories about lack of nutrients and surge of hormones through puberty that are responsible for teenage acne. Other theories point the finger at environmental lifestyle factors like stress as the main cause of teenage acne.

Well, after more then 7 years of research I have finally found, from all the above confusing and conflicting theories and advice, the missing piece to the acne puzzle and the true binding answer to my teenage acne. I have found through learning, trial and error the real cause of teenage acne. That knowledge gave me the power to pave the way to my acne free life.

Teenage Acne: What Is The Real Cause of Puberty Acne

Teenage acne, in most cases, is not a temporary condition that passes as you grow up. Teenage acne like most types of acne in all levels of severity is caused by a deep internal problem that must be fixed from the root. If the problem is not fixed and treated properly or the symptoms of the disease are treated instead using creams, over the counters and antibiotics, the problems will not go away by itself, your teenage acne will not be cured and you will most likely suffer from acne as an adult.

Teenage acne is caused by three factors: hormonal imbalance (triggered mainly by the excess of male hormones and the inability of your natural hormonal regulation system to deactivate and expel used hormones out of your body), toxic build up mainly in the blood and lymph and a genetic tendency to over produce oil in response to hormonal imbalance.

The only way to treat and cure teenage acne is to address and fix the controllable causes of hormonal imbalance and toxic build up.

Teenage Acne: How Parents Can Help Their Sons and Daughters

Parents must realize that teenage acne is a serious mental, emotional and social problem that must be addressed and handled with care, sensitivity and understanding.

If your child suffers from teenage acne the last thing you want to do is to magnify the problem by making him or her feel they are to blame for their acne. Instead of making your child feel guilty for doing that or not doing this, you must gather all your energy, patience and empathy and try to help your child overcome this dreadful disease.

You must look at your teenage son or daughter with their eyes and try to feel their pain and suffering. Talk to your child, not from your high horse, but from his or her perspective. Tell your child that you understand his or her pain and that you don't judge him or her for their actions.

You must realize that almost all teenagers who suffer from acne want to find a cure. It is crucial to their social and intellectual growth. They know that and you must be there for them and help them find that cure by doing your own research and just pointing them to the right direction.

How To Cure Teenage Acne For Good

The only way to get rid of teenage acne permanently is to fix the internal problem that is causing acne to manifest itself in the first place. Remember, teenage acne and all forms of acne are only expressions or symptoms of an internal chronic condition; they are not the disease themselves. Treating the symptoms of teenage acne by applying creams like benzoyl peroxide or taking antibiotics, conventional drugs or steroids will not cure your acne and in the majority of cases will make your teenage acne worse.

Teenage acne is caused by several underlying factors, the only path to lasting freedom from teenage acne is the holistic path: by tackling both internal and external acne contributing factors you will not only cure your acne permanently, you will also save yourself from myriad of dangerous health problems that could have been caused due to chronic hormonal imbalance, like hair loss and kidney problems and end the emotional, intellectual and social destruction, inflicted by your teenage acne.

Teenage Acne

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