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ZenMed Derma Cleanse:
The UNBIASED Truth Revealed

ZenMed's Derma Cleanse: How Does It Work and Can It Really Cure Acne?

Is Zenmed's Derma Cleanse worth its reputation? Zenmed's popular products are known for their natural balanced approach to healing as they combine the potency of both East and Western philosophy, using modern scientific techniques with classic eastern medicinal practices and ingredients.? 

Derma Cleanse from the house of ZenMed is claimed to be a revolutionary natural acne system that tackles acne both from the inside and the outside. Although ZenMed is highly popular on the net off the net, don't even think of trying this system without reading my exclusive unbiased review.

Because this website is first and foremost aimed at providing you with real honest information, as usual I will not spare or pretty up things in regards to the Derma Cleanse system. In the following report I will reveal what the Derma Cleanse system is, how effective is the ZenMed system in curing acne, what parts of the system are useless and what is priceless and exactly how to use the ZenMed Derma Cleanse to achieve results.

ZenMED's Derma Cleanse: A 3 Product Natural Acne Treatment

ZenMED's Derma Cleanse is in fact a delicate natural acne treatment. Basically it is a 3-product system that is aimed at external and internal cleansing, hormonal regulation, liver and endocrine system detoxification, and for calming the nervous system. Well, just by describing what is does, ZenMed seems to provide much more than your regular acne treatment. The question is: does ZenMed's Derma Cleanse actually deliver the goods?

Let's start by reviewing each of Derma Cleanse products one by one:

ZENMED?® Derma Cleanse?® Gentle Cleanser

This product is a basic cleanser aimed at removing dirt and oil, preserving optimum ph level and for relieving the anti-inflammatory response. Beside the fact that the Derma Cleanse cleanser doesn't contain harsh chemicals ingredients (like benzoyl peroxide that can damage the acid mantle, making your skin red and dry causing it to compensate in more sebum that eventually results in more acne) and is made only from natural ingredients like Sage, Coltsfoot, Yarrow, Balm Mint, Chamomile, Aloe Vera Gel and essential oils such as Rose and lavender, Derma Cleanse?® Gentle Cleanser is after all a natural external cleanser. The truth is external cleaning is important as it helps tackle the external symptoms of acne. Yes, it's true. To permanently eliminate acne one must also deal with the external 'acne environment' but that cannot be achieved using ZenMed's cleanser alone. Why? Simply because the external acne environment requires more than just cleansing and keeping PH balance. But even if it were only about cleansing, the ZenMed's Cleanser would not have been my first choice. There are better alternatives to the ZenMed's cleanser. One of them is the organic tea tree oil soap. This soap not only deals with a wider variety of external symptoms, is antiseptic and well known as an antibacterial and antimicrobial properties and it is also surprisingly cheaper.

ZENMED® Derma Cleanse® Acne Gel

This cleansing gel is aimed at healing the skin using its an anti-bacterial properties and help normalize sebum secretion. The gel is supposed to help reduce common acne symptoms such as inflammation, redness and swelling. The problem with this gel is that is not made of pure 100% natural ingredients. Beside Witch Hazel Distillate and Vitamin B5, Derma Cleanse?® Acne Gel also contains 2% Salicylic Acid. Salicylic Acid is a harsh chemical ingredient used in most industrial cleansers that actually dries your skin and damages your skin acid mantle. A far better alternative would be the 99% aloe Vera gel.

ZENMED?® Derma Cleanse?® Capsules

This is an all-natural herbal formulation that comes in the form of capsules. The capsules contain very potent combination of Chinese herb essences and western known herbs aimed at blood cleansing, hormone regulating, cleaning the Endocrine System and Relaxing the Nervous System. Some of these potent herbs in formula include: Neem, Gardenia, Yellow Dock, Burdock, Red Peony Root and Dandelion. These herbs are in fact proven to be very effective anti acne agents. The question is: do they really work to cure acne permanently?

Derma Cleanse: Does Zenmed Work To Cure Acne Permanently?

As already mentioned, you can certainly do without both the cleanser and the gel that are aimed at dealing with the external manifestation of acne. These cleansers have better alternatives in the market that are far less expensive and deal with a wider spectrum of symptoms.

As far as the herbal remedy is concerned, it can certainly help to tackle the main factors responsible for your acne formation. The ZenMED's Derma Cleanse herbal system even works for longer periods of time than other natural herbal formulas. There are, however, two major caveats to the ZenMED's Derma Cleanse herbal system: like all herbal formulations, as effective as they may be to help neutralize the root factors of acne (by supporting the cleansing and hormone regulation process of the liver and the endocrine system), they work short-term. Herbs by their nature (depending on the combination you use) work temporary by boosting the functions of the organs they are aimed at healing. After a certain time they stop working. To find out more about how herbs work in your body read my report of herbal acne treatments. The second problem with the ZenMED's Derma Cleanse herbal system is that as supportive as it may be to the cleansing and hormonal regulation processes of the body, in order to permanently cure acne we also need to build a strong hormonal regulation and toxic elimination system along with other nutritional steps and herbs no matter how potent can only support certain protocols (like cleansing the liver and help in hormonal regulation) but definitely not all.

The Importance Of Using ZenMED's Derma Cleanse In Cycles and In Combination With The Building Of a Stronger Elimination System

The important thing to remember is that the ZenMED's Derma Cleanse herbal system works and can yield dramatic results on your acne condition, but because herbs work short term the herbal formulation from ZenMED should be taken only in cycles otherwise it will lose its potency.

Another important thing to remember is that all herbs will work only if combined with the process of building a stronger more effective, hormonal regulation and elimination system: meaning by strengthening and re-building the liver, the digestion system and the kidneys along with the on and off intake of the ZenMED's Derma Cleanse herbal system.

What you need to remember is to that the only way the ZenMED's Derma Cleanse herbal system will do its best job at cleansing and hormonal regulating so important for eliminating acne, is that you take the herbal formulation for no longer then 3 weeks at a time and then stop, continue with the complete holistic program, including the building of a stronger elimination system for a month or so and then go back to taking the herbal formula for another 3 weeks. If you take herbal formulation for more than a month it will stop working. Take ZenMED's Derma Cleanse capsules in cycles and in combination with the building of a stronger elimination system.

Zenmed Derma Cleanse

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