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Zinc Acne Treatment EXPOSED

Is Zinc For Acne Treatment The Ultimate Cure For Acne? 7-Year Research Reveals The TRUTH About The Zinc Acne Connection

Let's examine the zinc acne connection: The common knowledge that zinc is highly beneficial for acne treatment (being a mineral that carries powerful properties that can significantly benefit an acne prone skin by reducing the symptoms of acne) has been aggressively contradicted by several studies claiming to find no connection between zinc and acne.

Contrary to that recent researches suggest that zinc can fight the acne bacteria in the same way antibiotics like tetracycline do but without the destructive effect of antibiotics while significantly enhancing the immune system.

After more than 7 year of research, trail error and experimentation I have finally discovered the truth about the zinc acne connection.

In this report you will discover: what is zinc, the true meaning behind the zinc acne connection, why zinc acne treatment has such powerful overwhelming benefits for acne sufferers, the best and only way to use zinc for acne treatment to yield the most dramatic results and the answer to the ultimate question: Is zinc acne treatment ALL you will ever need to cure acne permanently?

Zinc For Acne: Quick Facts

Zinc is an essential trace mineral found in foods like egg yolks, legumes, fish, soy lecithin, mushrooms, soybeans, sunflower seeds, whole grains and in herbs like: cayenne, chamomile, dandelion, eyebright, milk thistle, mullein, nettle, alfalfa, and burdock root. Zinc is present in all tissues and is part of insulin.

Zinc had many beneficial functions such as its involvement in the production of energy, enhancing the immune system, inhibiting the development of blindness, being part of enzymes that help the digestive process, being part of more than 300 enzymatic reactions in the body, regulating levels of vitamin E in the blood and is essential for the absorption of several vitamins among them vitamin A and B, fighting bacteria, speeding up the healing process and regulating insulin, growth hormone, testosterone, and estrogen.

Zinc has plenty of powerful properties, but how can zinc benefit acne sufferers. What is the zinc acne connection?

Zinc Acne Connection and Zinc Co-Workers

Acne is triggered by two main underlying factors: hormonal imbalance and waste build up mainly in the blood and lymph. Zinc is known regulate the activity of your skin's oil glands, and if taken with the right quality, quantity and ratio of essential fatty acids, zinc can actually help to regulate your hormonal activity, thus significantly improve your acne symptoms.

Additionally, zinc for acne treatment helps the absorption of vitamin A, promotes the healing of wounds, fights the acne bacteria by enhancing your immune system and has powerful anti oxidant properties, all of which can dramatically help to tackle many of the secondary acne contributing factors thus promote to the prevention and reduction of acne symptoms.

Zinc for acne can literally help regulate hormonal production, one of the main acne causing factors only if it is from the right quality and if is taken in combination with essential fatty acids which it can even help to be absorbed better by your body and with several other nutrients that work in conjunction with each other to balance your hormones.

Important note: as effective as zinc may be for acne treatment, if taken at certain conditions or with certain foods, supplements and chemical substances, zinc can become significantly less effective and its positive impact over acne can be dramatically reduced.

What are these zinc inhibitors that impair the zinc for acne activity?

Zinc For Acne Treatment: Zinc Inhibitors

When you're using zinc for acne treatment be aware that some foods, supplements and even some conditions may severely interfere with the absorption of zinc in your body and thus significantly reduce its effect on your acne condition.

Recent studies have found that Phytic acid is a strong zinc inhibitor which is a substance found in many high level grains. Phytic acid has been shown to reduce zinc absorption to about 15%. Acne sufferers by definition need to lower the consumption of grains to no more than one to two servings per day, because grains are acid and mucus forming so limiting high level grains consumption with the intake of zinc for acne should not be a challenge.

Soy protein is yet another zinc inhibitor. Acne sufferers that take zinc for acne treatment must limit the consumption of soy as well as it been found to bind to minerals and reduce zinc absorption.

There are minerals such as inorganic iron and copper, which have been clearly found to interfere with zinc for acne bio-availability. The solution to that is easy unless you suffer from copper toxicity: limit your intake of copper to a maximum of 2-3 mg a day and avoid taking inorganic iron supplements.

Additionally excessive physical activity and sweating can raise your body's demand for zinc and therefore it is advisable to combine exercise with an increase in zinc daily doses when treating acne.

Zinc For Acne: Six Rules To Maximize Results With Zinc Acne Treatment

To maximize results when taking zinc acne treatment adhere to the following rules:

1. Zinc acne treatment will work to normalize hormonal production and thus improve acne symptoms only when taken along with several nutrients such as essential fatty acids, cod liver oil and coconut oil. So when taking zinc for acne be sure to supplement your diet with all the nutrients zinc needs to work with to regulate your hormones.

2. Be sure not to take zinc with meals that contain zinc inhibitors, with minerals like inorganic iron and excess copper which interfere with zinc absorption and increase the amounts of zinc intake when you're exercising and sweating.

3. Your daily zinc intake should be no more than 100mg. Excess amounts of zinc can be toxic. Take your zinc with food.

4. Zinc is found in many foods but the problem is that zinc is a mineral found in the soil where plants grow. When the solid is poor with zinc so is the food. When taking zinc for acne from vegetable sources strive to buy these foods from organic produce.

5. 5.Because most foods tat are supposed to be rich in zinc contain in fact very little zinc, supplementation is obligatory when taking zinc for acne treatment. Although there are basically two forms of zinc supplements Zinc gluconate and Zinc Monomethionine (Opti-Zinc), the latter has been found to be far more effective and to work most effectively for acne treatment and is absorbed better than any other form of supplement.

6. Copper toxicity can seriously block zinc absorption. A wise decision is to check for copper toxicity before taking zinc for acne treatment either through blood tests or Kinesiology (muscle testing). There are also surefire signs of having copper toxicity such as having brown nipples when being of Caucasian blood.

Zinc Acne Treatment: How Can You Cure Acne Permanently Using Zinc For Acne

Because acne is caused by several primary and secondary co factors and since acne is not triggered mainly by zinc deficiency, zinc alone could never cure your acne.

However, if zinc acne treatment is taken from the right quality and quantity and in conjunction with several other nutrients while avoiding its intake along with the zinc inhibitors zinc for acne can significantly help to reduce most acne symptoms and regulate hormonal production.

With that said, the only way to cure acne permanently is the holistic way: by tackling all acne contributing factors including hormonal imbalance and the accumulation of waste in the blood and lymph. In this way zinc acne treatment will work together as part of a complete program to neutralized the 'acne environment' resulting in lasting acne freedom.

Zinc Acne

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