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If you are trying to hide your acne face, the frustration is understandable. And commendable would be to root out the source rather than treating the symptoms. The most common and popular acne treatments deal with the symptoms externally. However, the underlying truth is, unless you identify the internal causes of acne, you cannot cast it off. Yes, treating acneon the face or in other parts of the body calls for a systematic approach that uproots the internal causes. And the best way to get rid of them is to counterpoise both the internal and external causative factors with a holistic approach that helps fix all your internal contribution factors.

The Cause And Cure Of Acne Face

Acne is primarily caused due to the combined effect of the toxins (that the body failed to flush out) and excess sebum secreted by the oil glands which create an ideal environment for the bacteria to flourish. It is this bacterial infection that manifests itself as face acne. Hormonal imbalance also plays a vital role in the scenario when it triggers a genetic sensitivity to result in acne. In a word acne face is caused due to the toxic effects of excess sebum secretion in blood, hormonal instability and genetic sensitivity to both of these factors. Knowing the basic fundamentals of acne helps you follow the proper treatment that truly cures and uproots the problem and gives you back that porcelain skin of yours!

Are Conventional Treatments Effective?

A whole lot of conventional treatments and over the counter drugs are available in the market that hit the problem externally and thus actually leave the root problem untreated. Also the conventional treatment has a lot of serious side-effects as a consequence. The root causes being ignored inveterate acne all the more. The sure cure of this acne problem would be the holistic treatment that addresses all the inherent factors that cause toxin congestion and hormonal imbalance. Besides the physiological part, holistic treatment also addresses the psychological aspect of acne. Acne can be exacerbated by fatigue and emotional stress, the two most common factors in today's fast life. Treating face acne the holistic way calls for a basic cleanliness regime, both externally and internally. A calm state of mind is what is recommended along with regular and proper cleansing. Cleansing your face with a mild cleanser prevents new breakouts while applying salicylic acid or tea-tree oilon the existing cysts helps get rid of them externally. Over-cleansing your face however, runs your skin out of the essential oils thus rendering it to worsen the condition.

So, take it light and keep it bright, of course the holistic way. Yes, a holistic approach to treat your acne face is the wisest decision as it not only rewards you with a healthy body from within but also a refreshed mind which reflects on your face. The holistic approach treats the body as a whole and not just the symptoms of the problem. Thus, all the causes of acne are identified and then they are treated individually. And that is why this approach is so much more effective than conventional remedies that come with harmful side effects anyway.

Acne Face

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