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The tea tree oil acne   used to treat acne is a naturally occurring antibacterial oil product from the tree called Melaleuca Alternafolia found in Australia. This tea tree oil acne has the property to kill germs, fungus and bacteria and is also largely used to cure acne, foot fungus, body odor, oral herpes outbreaks, head lice and cold sores. This method of treatment has proved to be an efficient method of natural acne treatment remedy .

The Tea Tree Oil

The tea tree oil is an essential oil that is extracted from the leaves of Melaleuca Alternafolia the Australia native plant. Apart from its strong antifungal and antibacterial qualities this natural product is also largely recognized for its beneficial contribution in treating cold sores, bad breath body odor and other problems. One of the main constituents of this oil is called as Terpinen-4-ol and it is believed to be the main and an important element of antimicrobial ingredient. In addition to this it is also renowned for the fact that acne lesion is reddened by with the presence of the skin dwelling bacteria known as propioni bacterium acnes.

Acne Treatment through Tea Tree Oil

Before you can determine which product you should purchase or what treatment of tea tree oil acne method would be more beneficial in different parts of your skin problem, it is important that you know what the causes of acne are. Several people in the past had related this skin and blemish problems with lack of hygiene. However, the fact is that the pimples, whiteheads and blackheads are the products for the over active glands nearly hair follicle. As an unmixed form of the natural agent is hazardous there is an inevitable question to what other forms like this herbal oil are available and used to gain the best impact. You must have noticed that your medical store includes a large stock of different acne care products with this ingredient as the main feature. However there are also people who are allergic to these ingredients that are mixed in commercial products and might be fascinated by the homemade treatment methods.


This tea tree oil acne treatment has been recognized as the effective antiseptic throughout the world as there is even scientific evidence for this type of treatment. There are also recent studies that support the role for tea tree oil acne and skin care treatment  for different ailments. This tea tree oil is also called as antifungal agent, which is effective in vitro against several dermatophytes in the skin. However the bottom line is that this tea tree oil acne treatment would just give you an overall good look and hide your facial acne  apart from its pain killing and natural property.


There is also the holistic acne treatment that has been largely recognized to efficiently cure acne right from its root causes, which include hormonal imbalance and toxic build up among other factors and co factors. This treatment is basically carried on through relaxation, spiritual and meditation method and it involves homeopathy and aryurveda procedures. You can make sure to gain guaranteed results and complete acne cure through this holistic acne treatment method.

Tea Tree Oil Acne

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Tea Tree Oil Acne

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