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What Is Acne Nodular?
Causes and Cures.

Acne is a skin condition that can ruin your beautiful face and in fact it might also scar your face permanently. It causes lots of depression and annoyance; it can inflict a person with low self confidence as well. Especially during the teen years, when girls and boys want to look their best, acne can really make your self esteem fall very low. There are many type of acne and one of them is nodular acne. Though it is not as common as the acne vulgaris, but acne nodular   is not rare either. In fact it is a more severe form of acne vulgaris or the common acne.

Types of Acne:

Nodular acne is much bigger than common acne and can cause lot of pain. They are very painful and can last for months. They generally appear as red, swollen large bumps under the skin. It is best not to disturb them as you might end up scarring injuring your skin and scarring it permanently. But acne nodular can itself cause bad scarring as it reaches deep below layers of skin and causes injury to the tissues within. If you are suffering from nodular acne then it is best to opt for treatment.

Accutane Treatment for Acne:

Nodular acne generally do not respond to conventional treatments of acne cure. But it has been found to respond to Accutane. But though Accutane might prove effective but you have to keep in mind that Accutane causes lots of serious side effects.  Accutane causes serious damage like serious birth defects and even leads to suicidal thoughts. So you should do some serious thinking before you decide to opt for Accutane if your doctor suggests it.

Acne nodular and every other type of acne  are caused due to three basic factors, namely-

·         Hormonal Imbalance.

·         Build up of toxic elements in the system.

·         A particular genetic sensitivity of the sebum glands towards the hormonal imbalance.

If you have all three factors present in the body then only you would suffer from acne. So if you want to cure your acne nodular, then you have to make sure you adopt an approach that takes care of all three factors. It is not possible to do anything about the genetic sensitivity; you have to adopt an approach that takes the other two factors into consideration. The holistic approach does exactly that. Unlike the conventional medications that only address the symptoms the holistic approach helps the body to get rid of the toxic substances  from the body and also helps the body regain the right hormonal balance thus eliminating the factors that lead to acne.

Acne Nodular

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