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This is a disease of the skin called nose acne , or acne rosacea, which is characterized by redness, slight inflammation and pimples. It generally affects only the face, and the nose bears the brunt of the attack. Although it is termed as acne, it varies in many ways from other forms of the disease. For one, it tends to attack men and women between the ages of 30 and 50, whereas acne in general largely affects teenagers and young adults. Interestingly, acne rosacea mainly affects fair-skinned people whereas general acne makes no distinction as to the color of the skin. It also distinguishes between sexes in that Rosacea strikes women more than men. It could have something to do with menopause although the cause of this gender bias has never become clear. It is estimated that nearly 14 million people have been affected by Rosacea or nose acne in the United States

How Nose Acne Develops

Nose acne develops in three stages. In the first stage, redness develops on the face. This redness deepens as time goes on especially as blood vessels tend to merge. Affected people also tend to develop a burning sensation on their faces.

In the second stage, the red flush spreads to all parts of the face and boils and pimples start developing. And, in the third stage, the swellings and the redness spreads to the nose and central facial areas. The nose specially gets so badly disfigured that victims find it embarrassing to move about in public.

Acne Rosacea lasts for years and the exact cause of this condition is still not known. However, dermatologists recommend that the patient should not touch the affected area at all. Rubbing the face or the nose, though it may itch, could only lead to more discomfort. He should not take spicy food, hot drinks, caffeine or alcohol. In fact, anything that might make the face flushed should be avoided. And finally, sunlight should be totally avoided as it could lead to complications.

Is Nose Acne Treatment Any Different?

The treatment for this condition is usually antibiotics, as that tends to produce faster results than any other topical medication. Dermatologists often prescribe cortisone creams as these reduce the redness and inflammation. But if all else fails, a patient might have to take recourse to laser surgery to close off the dilated blood vessels.

Most of the conventional drugs and over the counter medications fail to solve the acne problem because they just treat the symptoms and not the causes. The causes of acne can be many such as an excess production by the sebum gland, high levels of toxins in the blood and stress, and the treatment can be effective only when the contributing factor is identified and treated.

Nose acne is a complicated problem which is not easy to solve and may take years to set right. Our suggestion is that instead of using the standard prescription medications or surgery, you should attempt the holistic approach to end your misery. This approach tells you that the basic problem stems from within and occurs because of the unnatural lifestyle that we lead nowadays. Our bodies are filled with toxins that have entered through the food we eat and the medicines we ingest. The holistic approach looks at the root of the problem and fixes it. So if you are desirous of ending your painful nose acne problem permanently, take recourse to the holistic approach.

Nose Acne

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Nose Acne

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