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Ovral and Acne: Can It Help
Acne Or Worsen It?

Ovral: The ill pill

Ovral is a contraceptive drug with a combination of estrogen and progestin. This drug is frequently being used as a quick remedy for acne . Ovral is often used as a "morning after" pill to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Excessive secretion of the androgen hormone stimulates the oil producing sebaceous glands which eventually leads to lousy breakouts of acne. Since progestin is the main ingredient in the contraceptive pills like Ovral and acne   is caused due to the hormonal imbalance of androgen, the former is often used to treat the situation. Although quite popular as a quick remedy, Ovral is not accepted as desirable medication for acne as the effect of estrogen may overrule that of progestin in the majority of pills. Such unidirectional treatments usually go in vain as all the other responsible factors remain ignored and thus untreated.

Cure Your Acne Permanently

Although majority of the so-called acne treatments are ruling the market, the real and permanent cure mantra however, veils in the holistic treatment. Real because holistic treatment identifies the main cause of discomfort and fights them away. It's permanent because holistic treatment intervenes the disorders from the core. Ovral and acne are two separate arenas altogether and composite in their individual domains. A long list of side effects is the obvious outcome of Ovral and acne is the result of our "out of balance" lifestyle. Contraceptives like Ovral are high blood pressure medicines that can pose some serious side effects in your body like breast tenderness and menstrual irregularity (in women who do not take oral contraceptives). Frequent urination is another obvious effect of this diuretic drug. Thus it really needs an expert to treat acne permanently.

Holistic treatment helps you neutralize the imbalance between the hormones and the sebum secreted by the over active oil glands . Following a healthy diet full of green vegetables and fruits is another vital part of holistic treatment as this helps you flush your toxins away. Drinking lots of water (at least 4 quarts a day) is very important.  An external beauty regimen is also administered which ensures proper cleansing of the skin with a mild soap. Not only physiological but the psychological part related to acne is also taken good care of. A calm body and mind is the secret to a happy and healthy skin. Thus going the holistic way helps you put yourself back to balance and you enjoy an acne free life forever .

Unlike addressing the symptoms superficially holistic treatment cures acne radically. So, practice the holistic treatment and say good bye to Ovral and acne will vanish magically. By driving away the racking acne the holistic treatment helps you get back your self-confidence which shows up as you glow! Thus by fixing the internal conditions along with a healthy lifestyle (cleanse, detoxify, healthy diet and happy mind) you get back your own self, holistically of course.

Ovral And Acne

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Ovral And Acne

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