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OXY Acne: Scam Or The Real Deal?

Oxy acne medication products are one of the most popular products in the market that help in reducing acne. They are readily available in the drugstore and heavily advertised too. The oxy acne  treatment is available in gel and cream form. It is applied directly to the affected area and it tries to dry up the source of the acne and kill the bacteria. It also replenishes the skin with healing agents so that the affected area heals quickly. So far so good, but does it really work? Let us find it out in detail.

What is OXY Acne Treatment ?

The Oxy acne medicine actually dries up the acne and a few days later the dry flakes just drift away. The reality is the time it takes - if the acne is left untouched it would take the same time to wither away. The medicine does actually affect the acne bacteria , but it does not kill it. In fact, it only suppresses the bacteria for a short time span and then it comes back in a big way. And thus it leads to more acne.

Secondly, when the acne dries up and starts flaking away, it ends up blocking the nearby pores and hence leads to more acne in the process. Thus you can see the medicine instead of actually helping in reducing acne increases them in the long run.

Side Effects of OXY Acne Treatment

There are various side effects as well that come hand in hand with using various Oxy acne medications. A few of the side effects are:

a)     While using these products you have to avoid exposure to sun rays as the skin becomes over sensitive.

b)     The skin becomes dry and might cause slight irritation.

c)     While using these medications you might notice slight redness, a burning sensation and even a little swelling. It generally subsides after some time.

d)     Make sure it does not come anywhere near your eyes, lips or mouth.

e)     It might cause a bleaching effect on hair.

You should never use it if you are allergic to benzoyl peroxide . So do you want to use something that doesn't cure your acne completely and what's more, comes loaded with so many side effects?

This form of treatment only attempts to cure the symptoms without really finding out the causes which can be many such as an excess of toxins, high production of sebum and also factors such as stress.

A local application of Oxy acne treatment or any cream or gel cannot solve the actual root cause of acne. In order to solve your acne completely, you should opt for the holistic approach. The holistic approach unlike the conventional treatments, addresses not the symptoms but the root causes of the problem, and once these causes are identified and treated, the acne naturally goes away for good. By helping you adopt a healthy lifestyle comprising of healthy diet, healthy mind-set, detoxification and the right hormonal balance, the holistic approach will cure not only your existing acne, but also cure your old blemishes and prevent the acne from recurring again.

Oxy Acne

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