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Periostat Acne: Can it
REALLY Cure Acne?

When all other conventional medications fail to treat acne (as they eventually will), doctors often prescribe Periostat in the hope that this effective therapy would at last provide relief to their long suffering patients. And sometimes it does, too - but at what cost? Although Periostat is known for its curative effects on infections of the skin, stomach, respiratory tract, urinary tract and a host of other ailments, half the patients are unaware of the serious side effects of this highly potent drug and are almost acting blindly on their medics' advice. Yes the Periostat acne   cure may have its dangers.

Treatment with Periostat

With acne, the Periostat side effects could be disastrous. Prolonged consumption of this often prescribed acne treatment  may lead to many health hazards that include gastrointestinal imbalance, loss of appetite, difficulty in breathing, numbness of the hands and feet, dizziness and headache. Besides, it gives rise to dry skin, occasional chest pain, rash and sensitivity to sunlight.

For the benefit of the users, a short but effective warning note is given below.

1) Pregnant women should stay away from the drug as it may cause fetal defect in some cases.

Breast feeding mothers should also avoid Periostat as traces of the medication may be sucked up by the infant, causing bone loss.

All unused Periostat tablets should be destroyed since consumption of this drug after the expiry date has reportedly caused serious kidney damage.

People taking Periostat tablets should avoid taking antacids, vitamin supplements or other supplements like iron, calcium, magnesium or sodium bicarbonate as these can compromise the effectiveness of Periostat.

Persons on Periostat should not remain exposed to sunlight for extended period of time as they are likely to get burned by UV radiation.

Patients with history of kidney or liver diseases should stay away from Periostat as this may aggravate the disease condition considerably.

Is Periostat REALLY a Treatment Option?

Patients on Periostat often suffer from anxiety neurosis and therefore, are advised not to drive motor cars, motor bikes or any fast moving automotive implements.

You could have still tried this line of treatment if at least the results were guaranteed. But sadly that is not the case. And how can it be when the fact is that Periostat only treats the symptoms and not the causes that can be many such as excess sebum and a high level of toxins in the body.

Nevertheless, Periostat or no Periostat, acne can be much better treated in a holistic way. This involves a change of diet, change of lifestyle and abhorrence towards conventional medications. Moreover, recent studies have established a significant link between diet and acne . It has also become clear that a wrong diet can be one of the leading acne contributing factors which can negatively affect hormonal regulation and the natural process of elimination, aggravating a person's existing acne. Dependence on fast food or junk food, excessive consumption of animal products and fatty food has proven link with acne aggravation. Consumption of fruits and vegetables on a regular basis, on the other hand, is believed to reduce acne complications. So go ahead and fight acne the natural way - the Periostat acne cure may not be the best solution.

Periostat Acne

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