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Resorcinol And Acne:

Resorcinol is an all-purpose wonder chemical that helps cure a whole lot of ailments. People suffering from dandruff use medicated lotions containing resorcinol while hay fever and whooping cough patients are treated with medications that have resorcinol as one of the primary ingredients. Besides, it is a mild form of antiseptic often used as topical disinfectant. When used in combination with sulfur, it is an FDA approved over-the-counter medication for the treatment of acne. But what is the exact relationship between Resorcinol and acne, and can it really offer a remedy from acne? Let us find out more here.

How Does Resorcinol Acne Treatment Work?

In the form of a 2% solution, resorcinol acne treatment consists of unclogging the pores that principally create acne. However, unlike salicylic acid that has to be taken off the skin, resorcinol works better when left on it.

However, resorcinol alone cannot do the magic. In fact, it serves at the final stage of an acne treatment regime that starts with a cleanser containing a peeling agent like the salicylic acid that helps shedding of the outer layer of the skin. As the skin becomes free of cellular debris, benzoyle peroxide is used to kill the bacteria (P.acne) which it does very methodically by creating an oxygen-rich environment under the dermis. Since the P.acne can neither survive nor thrive in such conditions, it dies a natural death. Benzoyle peroxide's secondary action helps remove the dead cells from the follicles which in turn regenerate new healthy cells under the skin. Resorcinol, combined with sulfur comes handy at this stage by keeping the pores clean and maintaining an antiseptic environ in the affected skin.

Is Resorcinol Really an Answer?

Use of products containing resorcinol or resorcinol monoacetate that is intended to be applied to the skin and left on it for longer periods of time should follow a regime that include (a) Cleansing the skin thoroughly prior to application of the product; (b) Applying the product to the affected area once or thrice a day, depending on the aridity of the skin. If the skin feels excessively dry, a single application is good enough, otherwise, a few more applications will be more effective. Of course, a sensitivity test may be conducted beforehand by applying the product sparingly to a smaller area and then observe the result.

Resorcinol and acne treatment would yield better result if the therapeutic regime includes effective deep pore treatment at least once a week for several months. This could be achieved through a clay mask intended to soak up all the oxidized sebum that would automatically unclog the pores. Alternatively, salicylic acid applied in higher percentages would serve the same purpose, though it may irritate the skin badly and may leave bad blotches that would be difficult to remove. However you need also to know that treatments such as Resorcinol and acne often lead to side effects, and the results are not permanent as well.

Resorcinol And Acne

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Resorcinol And Acne

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