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What is Vaginal Acne? Cause,
Symptoms And Treatment

Vaginal acne is basically just the same as common acne that occurs on the face, arms or chest and shoulders. It is just that the place in the body where they appear is different - in this case the vagina. In the first stages, the vaginal acne appears red in color but in advanced stages, it transforms into a cyst. The surrounding area might become painful and inflamed as well. Though the appearance of vaginal acne might seem similar to vaginal herpes, vaginal acne is not contagious.

Causes of Acne

There are basically three main factors that lead to the occurrence of acne, be it teen acne, adult acne or vaginal acne.

·        Hormonal imbalance - When there is a hormonal imbalance in the body, the sebum glands start producing sebum or natural oil excessively.

·       Toxic build up - The toxins start building up in our body when the organs that are responsible for expelling these toxins from our body fail to do so.

·        A particular genetic sensitivity of the sebum glands towards the hormonal imbalance. Where this genetic sensitivity is present in the sebum glands only then does the sebum glands react to the hormonal imbalance and start producing excess sebum. And when this excess sebum combines with the toxins present in the blood and lymph the perfect environment for the acne bacteria is created and they start flourishing.

You need to treat your vaginal acne just the way you would treat it if it occurred anywhere else on the body. Wash it with a mild anti bacterial soap and keep the area clean. Don't rub it hard or try to "pop" it because that can cause injury and the acne can get infected. Infected vaginal acne can lead to lot of pain and trouble. The acne generally gets resolved with time, but if that doesn't happen then you might need to seek medical attention to make sure it is not infected.

Permanent Cure For Acne

But if you want to cure your acne completely and permanently by just applying an acne cream, you may not be that successful. What you need to do is neutralize the internal factors that are causing the vaginal acne or any kind of acne, and only then will you be able to cure the existing acne and prevent future break outs. Otherwise the acne will keep coming back to haunt you. Since nothing can be done about the genetic tendency, you have to take in account the other two factors - the hormonal imbalance and the toxic build up in the system. The only permanent solution to vaginal acne and every other type of acne is the holistic approach that addresses the underlying causes of acne and eliminates them completely. With holistic approach only you can completely and permanently get rid of your acne and also prevent them from occurring again.

Vaginal Acne

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Vaginal Acne

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