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Zeno Acne: The TRUTH
About Zeno Acne EXPOSED

In our long fight against the problem of acne, medical sciences have given us countless remedies over the years. From creams and lotions to oral drugs to electronic devices that zap them like magic. Zeno acne control system is one such device that is fast gaining popularity among its users. Zeno is primarily an ingenious little clearing device for acne. It comes in the form of a simple, portable electronic and hand-held gadget that makes use of heat shock response to kill the acne-causing bacteria  and consequently, make the pimples disappear quickly.

What is Zeno Acne?

Zeno acne controlling device can be easily obtained at most medical shops selling similar electronic medical devices. Buying Zeno does not require a prescription and can be used by anyone with moderate to mild to acne that is inflammatory. It is also suitable across a wide range of skin types. Zeno makes use of a proprietary technology that starts off a heat shock response at the P. acne bacteria, causing them to self-destruct and thus, it lets the skin become healthy and normal. Remember, in as many as 90% of all times it is the P. acne bacteria that causes the pimples.

This is achieved by safely heating the lesion in a temperature that has already been decided upon - this temperature allows the administration of heat shock. What is this heat shock, you must be wondering. Well, it is a way in which bacteria react to sudden heat and this transcript many genes and start the proteins through heat-shock which ultimately participate in the bacteria's death by causing the bacteria to self-destruct.

It has been claimed by the manufacturers of Zeno that it can clear up the acne in just a matter of hours (unlike other methods or medications which usually may take quite a few days and in some cases even weeks). Within a span of 24 hours, two to three treatments of 2 minutes duration each, will clear up most acne pimples. Zeno also claims to be virtually free from any side effects. The heat administered in low-level that the device employs is found to be well tolerated by everybody. In some cases however the skin may become red temporarily immediately after the treatment has been carried out.

Zeno Acne Problems

The problem with devices such as Zeno is that they aim to treat acne on a superficial level. In other words, they attack the problem of acne from the outside. Unfortunately, such an approach cannot produce long lasting results because acne and pimples are caused by disorders that are deep seated within our bodies. A loss of balance in the hormonal levels in our bodies, along with the accumulation of toxins and some other genetic propensity, are the real causes of acne. So if you want lasting freedom from acne, don't just zap the pimple. Zap the real causes of acne . Sadly, that is something that a device like Zeno can never do.

Try the holistic approach instead. It will cleanse, detoxify and restore the lost balance of the body in a completely safe and natural way, without any side-effects or any expensive fancy gadgets. Just a few simple changes are all that are needed to unleash the power of the holistic mode of treatment and say goodbye to acne forever .

Zeno Acne

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Zeno Acne

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