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Acne Solutions: How To Solve Your Acne Problem Permanently

It is difficult to avoid the lure of acne solutions that promise to cure your acne quickly and permanently. In reality however, the picture can be very murky as very few of these solutions are genuine or dependable. Hence, before you go for any acne treatment, it is essential that you check the authenticity of the acne solutions.

Acne Solutions: An Overview:

Faulty and ineffective treatment is the main reason why acne is so difficult to cure. Acne is caused due to hormonal imbalance which gives rise to excess sebum or oil production. Build up of toxins complicates the matter as sebum oil and excess toxins can combine to give rise to acne. Some people also have genetic sensitivity to hormonal imbalance. Hence, they are more prone to acne as their oil glands produce excess sebum oil which then combines with the excess toxins expelled from the skin. The combination of sebum oil and toxins facilitates the growth of acne and related skin ailments. Hence, until and unless these internal factors are not fixed, treatment cannot succeed.

A Review of Various Treatment Methods:

People who suffer from acne are ignorant of these causes of acne. Hence, they don't hesitate to take help from the following treatment approaches. Almost all the acne solution plans are based on the following treatment methods.

1. Conventional medication: Acne solutions which are based on conventional medicine make use of antibiotics and other forms of drugs to promise quick relief. Conventional acne solutions are available in the form of pills, creams, lotions etc. Conventional medicine is ineffective as it fails to tackle the root cause of the condition. There are also many side effects of this treatment including nausea, diarrhea, and constipation and in some cases skin pigmentation. Conventional medicine is extremely expensive and therefore people on a shoe-siring budget cannot get any hope from this solution. As this mode of treatment is completely objective in nature, it fails to take into account the individualistic approach which is extremely essential during acne treatment. Emotional as well as other psychological issues are also ignored by conventional wisdom. Hence, it does not promote internal healing. Conventional treatment can work only for a short period of time and therefore people looking for a permanent cure will get disappointed with this passive conventional treatment.

2. Natural treatment: Today, there is a great deal of emphasis on natural acne treatment. Hence, you will find no dearth of natural acne solutions in the market. These products are more popular as they have fewer side effects and are relatively cheap. However, many natural acne solutions enter the market without being tested. Hence, there can be many concealed threats associated with the use of herbal remedies. The major disadvantage of natural remedies is that they apply only one dimensional treatment approach. However, as acne is a complicated condition, this easygoing approach fails to cure the condition completely.

Besides conventional medicine and natural treatment, there are many other types of acnesolutions, which claim to give freedom from acne within a remarkably short period of time. However, all principal acne solutions are ineffective as they fail to take into consideration the holistic approach to treatment. Holistic approach is comprehensive and multidimensional in nature. Hence, it has the ability to deal with all aspects of acne cure. Holistic approach also focuses on the causes of acne and not the symptoms. Hence, acne solutions based on holistic approach can wipe out acne right from its very roots. Based on natural principles of healing, holistic approach is completely safe and has no side effects. Holistic approach treatment is inexpensive and practical. As the individual is encouraged to take the reins of treatment in his or her own hands, holistic approach also facilitates individualistic attitude towards treatment. Hence, when it comes to treating acne, no solution will prove to be as effective as holistic approach.

Acne Solutions

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