How to Get Rid of Blackheads: EXPLAINED

Before understanding" How to get rid of blackheads?" you should first understand the meaning and nature of this problem. Blackheads can be technically described as the open comedones. Such bumps have the tendency of looking like the tiny plugs. Blackheads are found only on oily skin whereas the whiteheads can be found on both, dry and oily skin. Hence, if you have an oily skin, you should be especially vigilant regarding the possibility of encountering blackheads.

Causes of Blackheads

Blackheads are usually caused by surfeit oil that leads to clogging of the pores. Such a clog occurs only when built-up oil has not been able to flow towards skin's surface owing to an impaired pore or a misshapen and the dead cells of skin having blocked the way. If the pore happens to open, oil gets exposed to air, oxygen, in particular, that tends to react with it and gives it the dark color, thereby resulting in to a black-colored head.

Hormones are amongst the leading causes of the increased production of oil. A rise in androgens, male hormones would increase oil's natural production in the skin, thereby causing oil to be built up in a greater quantity in pores. This ultimately results in the formation of blackheads.

The next huge culprit with regards to blackhead formation is build up of toxins. Toxins that are not normally expelled through the body may get out through the skin. They may then combine with excess oil to cause blackheads. Also, some people have genetically sensitive sebum glands that respond immediately to hormonal changes. This leads to the excess production of oil and greater build up of toxins leading to blackheads.   

Blackhead Prevention

Now, concentrate on the question, "How to get rid of blackheads?" There're several things which can be done by you for preventing blackheads

Firstly, avoid the use of thick (emollient), greasy, and creamy products. It can prevent the prevalence of blackheads to a great extent. Secondly, prefer using a water-soluble and gentle acne cleanser. Thirdly, don't use the bar soap. Ingredients holding soap, that too, in the bar are likely of clogging pores in skin. Skin cells can also get flaked off prematurely, thereby clogging the pores. If your skin happens to be dry, a cleanser with moisturizer is recommended for use.

Fourthly, try to exfoliate in order to have cells of dead skin eliminated. If skin cells clogging the pores are not present, natural oil would then flow through just like that. So, do not forget to exfoliate to prevent blackheads. 

However, nothing can match the efficiency of holistic approach during the treatment of blackheads. The basic advantage of holistic approach is that it works on causes and not on symptoms of blackheads. Exercising, maintaining a balanced diet, etc. are some of the aspects of holistic approach. As holistic approach is natural, it is completely safe and thus it can be used by anybody. Unlike the conventional readies, holistic approach does not concentrate only on the symptoms. This is the reason why people who use holistic approach get freedom from blackheads even when they discard routine treatment.  You would now be very much satisfied on the answer of the question, "How to get rid of blackheads?" through holistic approach.

How To Get Rid Of Blackheads

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How To Get Rid Of Blackheads

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