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Proactive Acne Treatment:
Real Deal Or Hype?

Proactive acne treatment is considered to be a very popular acne management system. This system is aimed at giving you a radiant skin devoid of any blemishes. However, before you go ahead and buy the product, it is essential that you take certain things into account.

Proactive Acne Treatment - An Overview

Proactive acne treatment is based on conventional medication and hence, like all conventional medicines it is aimed at killing the acne bacteria. It also claims to penetrate deep within the skin to fight off the dead cells and other bacteria efficiently. People who use proactive acne treatment are required to make use of products like cleansers, toners and lotions everyday. Reviews have shown that proactive acne treatment is not very efficient when it comes to long-term acne solution, as it does not pay attention to the internal factors of acne. Acne is caused due to three primary internal factors. One of them is hormonal imbalance. Sometimes, out of balance hormones like androgens can directly affect the secretion of your oil glands. Hence, these oil glands produce excess of sebum (oil), which then combines with toxins and dead skin debris to give rise to acne. Another internal factor is the build up of toxins. The body does not always flush out toxins. The excess toxins are then expelled through the skin and combine with excess oil to give rise to acne. Finally, the genetic sensitivity of the sebum glands to hormonal imbalance is also considered to be the root cause of acne.  Genetic sensitivity will cause your oil glands to produce excess sebum. Your body may also find the task of flushing out toxins difficult leading to toxic build up. Hence, the excess sebum and excess toxins will together give birth to acne. Until and unless these root causes are not fixed, treatment for acne is meaningless.

Proactive Acne Treatment: Side Effects and Limitation

There are many side effects of proactive acne treatment. Almost all these side effects are associated with the ingredients that are used to make the proactive products. Proactive acne solution involves the use of benzoyl peroxide. Benzonyl Peroxide is found in the lotion and has the ability to kill acne bacteria.  Benzonyl Peroxide is especially harmful as this chemical is usually used as a bleaching agent for fabrics. You will definitely not want this chemical under your skin as it can lead to many side effects including itchiness, redness, nausea etc. Besides Benzoyl peroxide, you will also find the following ingredients in the proactive acne solution .  

Cleanser: This product consists of an oil free formula that exfoliates dead cells and dirt. Benzonyl Peroxide  can also kill acne bacteria to provide some relief from acne.  The cleanser includes ingredients like Magnesium aluminum silicate, glyceryl stearate, PEG-100 stearate, disodium dimethicone copolyol sulfosuccinate, dicaprylate anthemis nobilis and more. Many people tend to be sensitive to one or more of these chemicals and hence, prolonged use may cause itching, redness, inflammation of skin and more. 

Toner: The skin toner is effective in removing dead cells and can also remove excess oil. However, sometimes, it may also make your skin dry and flaky. It contains ingredients like glycolic acid, hamamelis virginiana extract, sodium PCA, panthenol, glycerin, propylene glycol, allantoin, polysorbate-20, hydroxyethylcellulose, benzophenone-4 etc. these Chemicals can be damaging to the skin and may also cause skin allergies . Hence, it is essential to take a patch test to prevent unwanted surprises.

Repairing lotion: This lotion is aimed at healing blackheads and blemishes. However, it contains ingredients like Cyclomethicone, ethoxydiglycol, propylene glycol, glyceryl stearate, PEG-100 stearate, dimethicone, panthenol, allantoin and a few other harsh chemicals.  Some of the characteristics side effects of these chemicals include redness, itching, burning, nausea and even lightheadedness. Hence, if you are sensitive to these ingredients, it is wise to stay away from Proactive acne solution.  

Besides the above side effects, proactive acne solution also has some other limitations. This solution does not address the root causes of acne and merely aims at killing acne bacteria and superficial toxins. Unfortunately, if the root causes are not fixed, then acne bacteria will keep on flourishing. Hence, you will have to keep on using this product for a long time. This is not a practical solution, as Proactive acne product is very expensive. Very few people are able to cope with the cost.  Also, being one dimensional in nature proactive acne treatment fails to treat acne the right way. To get rid of acne, you will instead have to make use of the multidimensional and comprehensive holistic approach. Holistic approach does not work on the symptoms; it instead addresses the root cause of acne. Holistic approach is also safe and 100 % natural and does not cause any side effects. In fact, with its complete healing approach, which involves the use of techniques like dietary and lifestyle modification, detoxification, and even positive thinking, holistic approach makes your skin as well as you fit and healthy. Thus, the purpose of acne treatment can be satsifed only with the help of insightful holistic approach. 

Proactive Acne Treatment

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