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White Tea, Clinical Studies

It has already proved that green tea is an effective natural cure for acne . Perhaps it may not offer a permanent cure, but it seems that at least the symptoms seem to go away. However, compared to the green tea, white tea is a fairly new discovery and studies are still being conducted to know more about it. Butwhite tea clinical studies and acne relationships are beginning to prove that it is effective for acne, and in fact it is presumed that white tea will prove far more effective than green tea.

Does White Tea Help In Acne?

How exactly does white tea help a person who is affected by this terrible condition? White tea is rich in flavinoids which are free-radical fighting anti oxidants . The presence of these flavinoids is what has made green tea so effective in treating acne, but research shows that the flavinoids present in white tea is 50 times more effective than the ones present in green tea.

White tea clinical studies on acne have shown that it may be very effective. It is also rich in alpha hydroxy acid and zinc which can give you smooth and blemish free skin. Many products are available in the market that contain white tea and which can really prove effective for your acne. What's more, it also does not have any side effects thus making it far more favorable compared to conventional medications.

Long Lasting Solutions for Acne

But though white tea is an effective natural remedy for acne, you have to keep in mind that it is not a permanent and complete solution for acne. Yes, the symptoms may go away, but the main causes because of which the acne was formed would remain within the body and so, the growths may come back anytime. And so, if you are hoping to cure your acne completely with the help of white tea only then you are making a mistake. What you need to actually do is eradicate the main causes of acne which are the toxin build up within the body, hormonal imbalance and overproduction of the sebum gland.

Only when all the three factors are taken care of can you cure your acne completely and permanently. Since nothing can be done about the genetic tendency, you have to take in account the other two factors - the hormonal imbalance and the toxic build up in the system. Just the application of some lotion or cream however rich in anti oxidants can't completely cure your acne. It is proved by white tea clinical studies on acne that white tea will help you get a smooth skin and help you deal with acne for a short time. But the only permanent solution to acne  is the holistic approach that addresses the underlying cause of acne and eliminates them completely.

White Tea Clinical Studies Acne

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White Tea Clinical Studies Acne

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